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New Support & Discussion Group - Dealing with Stress over the Holidays

Mary Jackson invites everyone to join the new workshop/support group Dealing with Stress over the Holidays:

I will talk about the various stresses at work, with friends and family, and discuss what your biggest stress of the holiday is. I will talk about expectations. Then I'll introduce effective communication strategies that will help you deal with stress in relationships.

Mary gives practical tools that people can use easily and supports her presentation with humorous examples and stories. Mary will distribute some handouts for you to take home.

When & Where

This program usually takes about an hour, depending on how many people participate in the discussion.

Stay tuned for the date and time. And please email us your availability if you have a preference. Mary is thinking of having it during the week, a Wed. or Thursday evening.

A donation of $10 will be appreciated.

Visit our page for more info: **

Free drinks and snacks will be available. **